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Mold Removal Staten Island

Mold removal is part of almost every water damage restoration, so 911 Restoration Staten Island trains in the best mold remediation practices.

This way, once our latest drying technology is done pumping water from your home, we are able to find the presence of mold spores and eradicate them with our same day service.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Prepping Air MoversWe are licensed, insured, bonded, and IICRC Certified to handle the most caustic of disasters. The mold removal handled by 911 Restoration Staten Island is the kind that used indoors after floods occur; the dangerous kind that can grow within 24 hours of leaks.

With the help of our hazmat gear, our mold removal Staten Island crew is protected against the poisonous spores.

Breathing mold can have devastating side effects, leading to new allergies, asthmatic symptoms, and other respiratory issues. There are many different types of mold. Some grow indoors, some grow outside. Some are poisonous, some are edible.

This same mold can spread at a rate of a room every two days. Stachybotrys is a common American mold that meets all of these abilities.

In order to avoid such illness, call our mold removal Staten Island team with 911 Restoration for a free visual home inspection that will help us find and destroy your mold contamination issues today!

Mold Removal in Staten Island

Mold can grow in any dark, damp, environment with a limited air circulation pattern. Such was the case when the Snug Harbor Cultural center called upon our mold removal Staten Island staff to have the area of a recent leak checked for mold.

Water Damage Restoraiton Vacuuming AtticThe leak had already been repaired, but a sense of humidity remained in the room below the leak. We offer a free visual inspection with our mold removal for homeowners, however this was a business, so normally the inspection would be at some expense.

911 Restoration Staten Island understands the importance of the cultural center though, so we upheld our free inspection for the good of the community. We were able to demolish the small mold spot and rebuild it quickly.

When you think you may have spores in your home, the process will be very similar. Our mold removal experts come out for a free inspection, check for water damage and leftover flooding, then take an air quality test if needed.

The test is sent to a lab where it is processed within 3 – 5 business days and the type of mold is relayed back to us. At this point, we develop a plan for your specific type of mold removal.

Donning breathing masks and protective gear, our mold removal Staten Island technicians get to work on your home while 911 Restoration works directly with your insurance company to fund the mold removal.

Mold Removal Insurance

Insurance can be tricky when it comes to mold abatement. Our mold removal Staten Island experts are happy to file your claim in order to get you the best chance at a fully paid restoration job.

Water Damage Restoration Box Truck Parked At Residential Job LocationWith over 35 years of experience we know what the companies are looking for. Mold that springs from a leak lasting more than 24 hours is likely not covered due to negligence.

Mold that occurred as part of a leak that is covered will be covered. Preexisting mold will not be covered even if recent water damage influenced it.

Do not live with this menace, as the effects only get worse with time. Our mold removal Staten Island operatives are available 24/7/365 to answer your call.

With such nuances in the mold removal insurance category, you can see why it is important to have a professional do it for you.

Call our mold removal Staten Island team with 911 Restoration Staten Island for the localized customer service backed by national professionalism and a fresh start to your property through mold removal today!

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