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Biohazard Damage Cleanup: What Should You Know Before Remediation?

Published by SEO on September 8, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Biohazard Damage Cleanup

Crime scenes are often dubbed as biohazard damage cleanup sites. Once the investigation wraps up, all traces of blood, toxins, and chemicals are scrubbed clean by specialists. Yet, this isn’t the only scenario where you might need to hire a professional biohazard remediation company.

More often than not, these trained technicians visit homes and commercial sites to deal with unattended deaths, pest infestations, and sewage backup. Use this guide to find out the basics of biohazard damage cleanup before calling in the experts.

Let’s begin.

The Premises: What Is Biohazard?

Biohazard waste refers to biological substances that pose a threat to human health and the environment. The contaminated fluids contain infectious materials such as viruses, bacteria, and toxins that can harm you upon exposure.

  • Common biohazards include:
  • Bodily fluids (i.e., blood, tissue, urine)
  • Animal droppings, especially from pests like rodents
  • Decomposed human bodies and animal carcass
  • Chemical and industrial waste
  • Sewage wastewater and grime

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) divides contaminants into biosafety levels 1 to 4. They consider BSL-1 waste material as low-risk microbes and BSL- 4 as high-risk microbes.

That means you will need professional assistance for level two-four remediation.  These are mostly waste materials that contain highly infectious pathogens that cause severe health problems after exposure.

When Do You Call Professionals a Biohazard Remediation Company?

An average person doesn’t have the expertise and tools to eradicate containments from the target site. It’s why you need trained experts to step in and clean up your property to make it habitable again.  Each situation demands a unique type of biohazard damage cleanup service. These technicians know the nuances and know the proper techniques required to clear up the mess efficiently.

Here are various situations where you’ll have to call a biohazard remediation company:

  • To deal with sewage backups and overflows
  • Removal and organization of hoarded items and pest-infested properties 
  • To clean a drug/meth laboratory
  • In the aftermath of a suicide, homicide, or unattended deaths

Besides this, you might need biohazard damage cleanup experts to clean commercial properties contaminated by industrial waste or other types of biohazard pollutants.

The Benefits: What to Expect from Biohazard Damage Cleanup Services?

There are many advantages of hiring a licensed biohazard remediation company (like ours).  We take over the unpleasant task of cleaning up waste to protect your property and health.

Here are all the reasons why people hire us instead of taking the DIY-cleanup route:

Safety and Expertise

The lack of training and knowledge in the area can pose a serious threat to the occupants and visitors of the area you need to remediate.  You need specialized cleaning agents and protective gear to clean up the mess. Therefore, it’s practical to involve professionally trained technicians instead of risking your life.

Time-Efficient Strategies

Understanding the techniques and dynamics of biohazard material isn’t easy. It’s not something you can learn overnight. That’s why it takes days and even weeks for average cleaners and handymen to disinfect the contaminated spaces.

You won’t spend tedious hours cleaning up bloodstains, sewage spills, chemical hazards, and hoarded material from contaminated surfaces with professionals by your side. Instead, the job gets completed in a matter of days.

Retain Your Property Value

The presence of biohazards can turn potential buyers away when they learn the recent history of the place. Our dedicated biohazard damage cleanup crew can boost your curb appeal.

We do this by extending standard remediation services. We can handle tasks such sewage backup cleanup, water damage restoration, and mold removal. Besides this, every nook and cranny undergoes advanced sanitation and deodorization treatment. These techniques allow us to get rid of germs and bad odors lingering around the site.

Our access to high-grade equipment and cleaning agents allows us to return your property to its previous condition.

Does Home Insurance Cover Biohazard Damage Cleanup?

It all depends on the type of homeowner insurance policy you’ve signed. Knowing what type of coverage you receive can help you prepare for the traumatic event beforehand. You can always contact your insurance company for consultation and support if you need reimbursement for remediation.

For the most part, biohazard damage cleanup services are more complex and costly than standard restoration jobs. That’s because they involve additional cleanup and structural repairs to eliminate health risks. The good news is that these services fall under the category of home restoration and repairs for property loss. 

All you need is photographic proof and an expert’s testimony to file your claim. More importantly, your homeowner’s insurance policy must mention a clause/statement about biohazard damages.

How Can 911 Restoration of Staten Island Help?

Our licensed restoration company provides biohazard damage cleanup services for all residential and commercial properties of Staten Island. We have a team of IICRC-certified technicians that have received professional training for remediation.

They know how to remove biohazards and disinfect contaminated surfaces. Then follow up with repair and replacement services. Our holistic plans ensure that your living/workspaces are no longer at risk.

We also provide:

  • 24/7 restoration and remediation services for emergencies
  • A 45-minutes response time for immediate support
  • Licensed technicians
  • Insurance support
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Customized home/commercial disaster recovery services

Moreover, our cooperative team will go the extra mile to protect your property from further damage. Thus, ensuring safety and protection at every step of the biohazard remediation plan.

In a Nutshell

Property owners need to take extra precautions when it comes to biohazard damage cleanup. They can’t use DIY cleaning hacks and local handyman services to get the job done. Hiring a certified biohazard remediation company for assistance remains the best option in this situation.

This way, trained technicians can deal with dangerous contaminants and clean up jobs while you stay safe. They can provide specialized solutions that eliminate health risks and reverse structural damage for maximum protection.

Incidentally, you can use their help to gain sufficient reimbursement fees to cover the cost of the remediation service.

Do you want to know more? Contact 911 Restoration of Staten Island for further information.

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