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Does Humidity in Staten Island Increase or Decrease Risk of Fire Damage?

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risk of fire damage

Fire damage refers to the physical damage caused to the property as a result of burning. The damage caused to the building is either because of the flames emitted during the fire or due to the smoke. The levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide increases during a fire, causing respiratory diseases in animals and human beings.

From cooking-related activities to lighting systems and smoking materials, there are various causes of fire damage. If your property has ever experienced a fire, you might be aware of the worries and losses it causes.

While moving to a different city or country, you must bring into consideration the weather. Weather conditions play a role in natural and health hazards. For example, high humidity is linked to water damage and mold formation.

Here, we’ll tell you if the humidity in Staten Island decreases or increases the risk of fire damage.

Does the Humidity in Staten Island Increases or Decreases the Risk of Fire Damage?

Staten Island is partly cloudly year long, with humid and warm summers and freezing winters. High humidity is linked to water damage and mold formation. However, when it comes to fire damage, the lower the relative humidity, the more vigorously and readily a fire burns.

The prescribed burning becomes dangerous when the relative humidity levels drop 30. The lower the humidity, the drier the air is, causing fuel to burn easily and release their moisture. Maintaining indoor humidity levels is important because high humidity can cause mold formation and water damage, whereas low humidity can cause fire to burn more vigorously.

Fire damage is an emergency situation that requires an immediate response. Many people think that they can clean the damage after a fire on their own. However, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Understanding the fact that fire and smoke damage can cause severe health conditions is extremely important.

As the levels of chemicals and thermal irritants increase during the fire, a person’s or animal’s respiratory system gets affected. If the damage is severe, it can also cause death. The stats and reports show that in 2020, the local fire departments of the United States responded to around 1.4 million fires, causing 3,500 civilian deaths and 15,200 injuries.

Ways to Prevent Residential Fires

Learning the ways of preventing residential fires is as important as knowing the causes behind fire damage.

Here are some of the ways you can prevent residential fires:

  • Regularly test your smoke alarms to make sure that they are properly working
  • Don’t leave the kitchen when there’s a meal cooking on the stove
  • Don’t smoke indoors
  • Keep matchboxes and lighters away from the children
  • Watch your appliances
  • Replace your appliances every 10 to 12 years
  • Keep flammable appliances like fabrics and papers away from heat
  • Watch the fireplace to make sure that the fire doesn’t pop back up after being put out
  • Replace all the frayed wires
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  • Regularly clean your stove and oven
  • Avoid using older machines and appliances

What Is Fire Damage Restoration, and What to Expect From it?

Fire damage restoration is a complex procedure that can only be done by trained professionals.

Here are a few important pieces of information regarding fire damage restoration that you should keep in mind:

  • In simple terms, fire damage restoration is the process of returning the property to its pre-loss condition
  • The fire damage restoration experts examine the structure of the house to establish how much damage has been caused to the house
  • Restoring a house after fire damage takes time because the process carries multiple steps
  • To initiate the process quickly, it’s important for houseowners to call the insurance agent
  • Home restoration experts install fences around the property to secure it
  • The process involves cleaning soot and smoke from interior and exterior surfaces, which is why it’s not recommended for families to stay the night at the house after the fire
  • Oftentimes, the firefighters end up causing water damage while using water to put out fire, which increases the timeline of fire damage restoration
  • Professional home restoration experts share the causes behind the fire so that the house owners can prevent it in the future
  • Soot and smoke removal is an essential part of the process because it improves indoor air quality
  • If the damage isn’t severe, homeowners can expect to move back to their property within a few days; however, if severe structural damage and water damage has caused, the process can easily take up to five to seven months

Looking for Trusted and Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Experts in Staten Island?

Having contact details of a trusted and experienced home restoration company is extremely important. The home restoration company that can arrive within 45 minutes of your initial call is the 911 Restoration Company of Staten Island.

The home restoration company carries all the necessary and advanced tools to run a quick and thorough job after fire damage restoration. Before starting the restoration process, the home restoration experts run a thorough visual inspection because if the fire damage is severe, homeowners are prevented from staying the night.

The home restoration experts are IICRC certified, which means regardless of how tough the job is, 911 Restoration of Staten Island will be able to take care of it.

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